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**Chris Wade Award for Clinical Innovation 2018**

Chris graduated as an SLT from LBU in 2007; he has had a very successful career both in the NHS and in private practice and is currently the founder and CEO of London Speech Therapy www.londonspeechtherapy.co.uk. Chris’ company currently employs 28 SLTs and has an international profile. Chris has very generously set up this award to acknowledge his roots at LBU and to recognise innovation and aspiration in the new generation of SLTs. 

The award is offered to final year LBU SLT students during their block placement, and takes the form of ‘the negotiated project’ from the placement workbook. 

The prize is £400 for the winner and £100 for the runner up. 

Overall description: The prize will be awarded for an innovative project which contributes a unique and dynamic approach to improvement and excellence in clinical service delivery. 


The winning project will: 

•demonstrate a creative response to a problem or issue in the service where student is on placement, or will identify a new opportunity for development in the service 

•include the needs/opinions of stakeholders (i.e. SLT team, or the views of service users or other members of wider MDT team) 

•have a clear and tangible outcome 

•show value to and impact on the service/service users 

•acknowledge the current evidence base and additional relevant sources eg websites, professional organisations, client or service data 

•be readily applied to current clinical practice 

•include a plan in terms of execution of project 

•include elements that are engaging, measurable and sustainable 

The project will be submitted along with the placement workbook and will include a short write-up demonstrating how the above criteria have been met. The deadline for submission will be Friday 1stJune 2018, 1pm. 

Submissions will be shortlisted by LBU Tutors and the winners will be judged by Chris Wade and announced before graduation. 

The prize money will be paid directly to the winning students. It needs to be spent within 12 months and the winners will be required to write a short resume (100 words) of how the prize money was spent, and how it supported their creative development as an SLT. 

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