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NHS Freedom Of Information request

We’re making a Freedom Of Information request to ALL NHS Speech & Language Therapy managers so that we can collate the SLT service provision being offered across the UK.

From personal experience we know that the service offered to children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs differs from postcode to postcode however each service presents specific recommendations as being evidence based: how can this be possible?!

At London Speech Therapy we are 100% PRO NHS however we advocate for SLTs working in the NHS to have the flexibility to recommend what a child needs and not what their service can provide. 

We wholly understand that the NHS is under too much strain but is it fair to families and children to recommend “6 SLT sessions per year” when there is zero evidence base for this? When families put their trust in the clinician’s recommendations they may incorrectly believe that their child would not benefit from more therapy or should be discharged etc when this is often not the case. 

Surely stating “Thomas requires 6 direct SLT sessions per term for a direction of 40 minutes per session. Our service can provide 2 of these sessions.” is better than “Thomas requires 2 direct SLT sessions per term for a direction of 40 minutes per session.”? 

Watch this space!


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