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Speech Therapy in Schools - Can your school afford to commission a Private Speech & Language Therapist?

When you see "private speech therapy" and "harley street" it's very easy to equate this to "too expensive for us" however I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our School Fee Structure. 

Before leaving the NHS part of my role was to monitor the Service Level Agreements (an agreement between a school and the NHS SLT team for the provision of SLT) and I was shocked that, back in 2011, the daily cost of Speech & Language Therapy in London in my NHS borough was £450. 

What shocked me even more was that once a SLA was signed the SLT was technically allocated to spent a whole day in the school but was, in fact, there from 9am until 3pm on average and days/hours would be frequently taken off for i) Clinical Supervision; ii) weekly team meetings; iii) training (aka CPD); iv) sick leave; v) annual leave (during the school term) and vi) maternity. 

With the borough that I worked in each of the above i) to vi) was taken out of the school's SLT provision (that they had paid for, often annually in advance) without any refund for lost SLT time. Finances put to one side the impact on children and families accessing said SLT was that of inconsistent and disjointed school services.

Fast-forward  to 2017 and the number of Speech & Language Therapy providers has grown exponentially. Across London schools can commission SLT from the NHS; the Local Authority; the charity sector and private SLT providers. 

At London Speech Therapy (LST) we currently provide Speech & Language Therapy to 52 schools in London and Greater London at a daily cost that ranges from £260 per day to £400 per day. The range in our cost is dependent on the complexity of the caseload (and the level of specialism required from the SLT) however typically mainstream schools pay £260-300 per day and special schools pay £300-400 per day. 

A typical 'day' of SLT from LST begins at 9am and finishes at 5pm at the school and, combining our strong clinical evidence base and our ability to 'think outside the box', our SLTs provide a range of services including:

  • Formal and informal assessments
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Team and parent training
  • All (legally) required admin (e.g. case notes; report writing etc)
  • Attending Team Around Child meetings

Considering the i) to vi) listed above I have decided that all such hours/days are refunded IN FULL to our schools as I don't understand why a school should be paying for something they're not receiving. Additionally, we guarantee the same SLT for one academic year (as a bare minimum) and there are no hidden costs whatsoever: your daily rate includes all resources required for our SLT to do their job effectively; their clinical supervision and their Continued Professional Development (to ensure they continue to use the latest evidence base in their intervention). 

To find out how London Speech Therapy can provide effective Speech & Language Therapy to your school simply email chris@londonspeechtherapy.co.uk and we will call you to arrange a visit from one of our SLTs.

I guess the question at the top of the page should be changed to the comment "Your school CAN afford to commission a Speech & Language Therapist"!

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