At London Speech Therapy we appreciate that Speech & Language Therapists rarely work in isolation and that some of our children require a multidisciplinary approach; as such we offer Occupational Therapy to our schools. 

Our Occupational Therapists ensure that they integrate their work into existing Speech & Language Therapy programmes and our SLTs and OTs work as a team to write joint targets and provide intervention together where it is clinically appropriate. 

On a typical day your London Occupational Therapist will conduct:

  • Screening and detailed assessments 
  • One to one therapy (observed by a Learning Support Assistant) 
  • Small group therapy
  • Whole class support
  • Teaching team 'on the job' training
  • Attending annual reviews and coffee mornings to liaise with care givers 

At London Speech Therapy we've teamed up with Joanne Harries and her team over at Seirrah OT to provide Occupational Therapy to our families and schools in London and South Wales. 

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