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“My child is not speaking in school. What can I do?”

–  Praise your child for joining in and interacting with others, even when this is non-verbal.  Acknowledge and praise all interactions with communication partners such as passing toys, nodding/shaking their head and pointing.

–  Concentrate on having fun with your child. This will reduce the pressure on your child to speak. Enjoying interactions with other people will reduce anxiety around talking to people.

–  Follow your child’s lead when they are ready to speak.  Reassure them that they will be able to speak when they’re ready.  Don’t punish your child for not speaking.

–  Don’t beg or bribe your child to speak.  It is important to not let your child know that you are anxious.

–  Discuss your concerns with school staff.  If they are also concerned, it might be worth referring your child to your schools allocated therapist, or making a private referral on our home page if you’d like to be seen within 3 weeks.

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