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  • What Are Core Boards?

    What? Core boards are a form of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) and are used to assist individuals in various areas of language (requesting, commenting, declaring). These boards provide a set of essential words and phrases that are frequently used in communication, enabling individuals to express themselves effectively, make choices, and engage in conversations. Core…

  • International Stammering Awareness Day

    Today is International Stammering Awareness Day 2023 and our team here at London Speech Therapy believe that there is no better way to spread awareness than to talk to and ask people who stammer what they would like to share. With one of our very own speech and language therapists having a stammer and 2…

  • Five Things You Should Know About Rett Syndrome

    Rett Syndrome is a severe, lifelong disorder, and those with it will rely totally on others for support throughout their lives. Rett Syndrome is a rare condition that affects the development of the brain, causing physical and mental disability which begins in early childhood. After a short period of normal development, symptoms begin during the…